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Japan + collaboration + laboratory

our spirits
We enjoy exploring the culture of clothing, food, housing, travel, environment and climate in local areas. We aim to contribute the promotion of the community and to the development of Japanese culture while connecting with domestic and overseas partners.

We thrive in making people happy by offering comprehensive suggestions in order to contribute to the advance of the local society and the development of Japanese culture.

“nippon collaboratory” was established in 2011 in order to discover and present the various Traditional Knowledge from Japan. We are based in Tokyo and Sendai in Japan and our business structure offers a global network of international trading mainly in Tokyo, Paris and San Francisco.

Our flagship product is the traditional Kokeshi, handmade dolls from the Tohoku region.

Our mission is to continue exploring the possibility to promote traditional and sophisticated Japanese products by combining its rich history with branding, marketing, design and careful planning.

Director Mutsumi ABE

business relations
new people (1746 Post Street, San Francisco, California 94115 – USA)
canoe (1233 SW 10th Ave Portland, Oregon 97205 – USA)
Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York 11238 – USA)
JAPANALIA (Herzogstrasse 7 80803 München – GERMANY)
SCHMUCK (Sterngasse 5 97070 Würzburg – GERMANY)
KIMONOYA (11, rue du pont Louis-Philippe 75004 Paris – FRANCE)
HURTER & CIE (72 Rue de LYON – 1203 GENEVE – SUISSE)
Boutique Balthazar (32 rue du Lac – 1800 VEVEY – SUISSE)
A128 corso garibaldi (Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi 128, 36016 Thiene Vicenza – ITALY)
unique&unity (online UK)
Mutsumi Abe (tokyo JP)
Yumiko Abe (kanagawa JP)
Shinya Wakaoka (yamanashi JP)
Kévin Kondaminas (paris FR)
Kenji Kataoka (tokyo JP)
Atsuko Fujiwara (chiba JP)
Chieko Udagawa (tokyo JP)

Dan Ushikubo (tokyo JP)
Nagaaki Hashimoto (tokyo JP)
Manami Iiboshi (sanfrancisco US)
Takaaki Koshiba (kanagawa JP)
Yuta Okazaki (tokyo JP)
Tsuyoshi Tane (paris FR)
Chikara Kawamura, Yoko Yuda at Sendai Tettobunko (sendai JP)

crafts men
Yoshinori Niiyama (miyagi JP)
Mayumi Niiyama (miyagi JP)
Akira Suzuki (miyagi JP)
Toshinari Hayasaka (miyagi JP)
Setsu Hayasaka (miyagi JP)
Yasuhiro Sato (miyagi JP)
Masahiro Sato (miyagi JP)
Hideaki Ohnuma (miyagi JP)
Akihiro Sakurai (miyagi JP)
katsunori Yoshida (miyagi JP)
Yoshinobu Kakizawa (miyagi JP)
Kazuo Sato (miyagi JP)
Ryoko Sato (miyagi JP)
Taketoshi Takahashi (miyagi JP)
Hideyuki Sato (fukushima JP)
Tamio Niiyama (miyagi JP)
Sakyo Niiyama (miyagi JP)
Yasuhiro Sato (miyagi JP)
Yoshio Ogasawara (miyagi JP)
Kenzo hasegawa (aomori JP)
Masafumi Abo (aomori JP)
Yukinori Jinnohara (fukushima JP)
Mikiko Noji (fukushima JP)
Morizo Susumago (iwate JP)
Yoshikazu Takahashi (miyagi JP)
Teruyuki Hiraga (miyagi JP)
Kohichi Sakuta (miyagi JP)
Takashi Kamata (miyagi JP)